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he has confessed to setting the fires and is now is a suspect in a series of fires dating back to 2007. in this place not far from where he was liveing with friends, the witness said he saw the 26-year-old use a lighter to set the house on fire this past tuesday. after he was taken into custody, investigators say that maurice duees confessed to setting the two fires on 48th place. one on grant street northeast and two others on haze street. according to the court was, he is a suspect in on the the court affidavit, he's a suspect in another praise as well. >> this impacts our insurance costs and safety, our life style in the district. when one individual for sport decides to start burning places to get a reaction, it's a good reaction to put hand cuffs -- handcuffs on him. >> reporter: he's been staying with friends at this house on
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50th street. sierra johnson who wells here said -- who lives here said dews had a job at papa john's in northwest. >> i think someone -- i am just like kind of glad he's not here. she going -- and my grandmother going to let him stay here. we can wake up and our house is on fire. you can't trust someone like that. >> reporter: at the fire on 48th place in april, five firefighters were briefly trapped when a sudden flashover engulfed them in flames. >> it went from tenable toup tenable. that was it. >> reporter: the court affidavit said he has admitted to setting this fire last month where a firefighter was also injured. maurice duees is formally charged with three of the arsons and is facing possible charges in as many as six others. two in the distribute and four in maryland. -- district and four in maryland. on this last page we found this paragraph. the investigators wrote that he
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was observed as among the first persons on the scene of a fire multiple timesness is 2007. he's -- times since 2007. he's been observed drinking, taking photos and videotaping the fires as well and calling 911 and reporting several of the fires, melanie? >> paul wagner, thank you very much. >> it's official, the u.s. attorney's office is examining the possibility of criminal conduct involving three top officials in d.c. the latest case involves council chairman kwame brown. fox 5s john henry hap has more on the story -- john henrehan has more. >> reporter: this does not involve the expensive lincoln navigators he wanted the city to lease for him. by the way, they're gone. the issue is campaign finance regularities and big sums are involved. kwame brown spent much of the day chairing a committee on of the whole meeting of the d.c. council. his attorney spent the morning at the city's board of elections and ethics. the issue for brown is not the
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expensive leases for luxury suvs, but campaign activities for his race for city council in 2008. william sanford, the general council alleged that brown's campaign committee failed to list all of its donors and expenditures. the amounts are big sums. this is one example. by failing to -- 53 exend tours, totaling 169,439.49 in the total sum of expenditures that were made by the committee. >> reporter: some of kwame brown's campaign money was allegedly support to a firm owned by his brother. the attorney asked the board to take no action but to refer the whole matter to federal prosecutors. >> and while we do not agree, concede the allegations as being true, it's our position that as a matter of efficiency and expedition, this process is
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best served that this matter is referred to the office of the united states attorney. >> reporter: the chairman, toga west, wanted to know if the u.s. attorney has begun a probe of brown's campaign finance records. the short answer? yes. >> we have visited our office and they have taken records in -- related to this matter for whatever -- >> a source familiar with the probe said that federal agents have visited the d.c. authory who dugbo the kwame brown campaign records on more than one occasion. the u.s. attorney's office is reviewing there were allegations against the council chair kwame brown and against harry thomas jr.. the allegations, thomas pocketed money destined for youth groups and the u.s. attorney's office is reviewing allegations that mayor gray's campaign used suleman brown as
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a foil against then-mayor fenty. three criminal probes, two council members and the mayor. they're all probes. all three men have done nothing wrong and to date, no one's been indicted. and john, as you mentioned, those are allegations right now and not every probe results in charges. if the u.s. attorney decides that these discrepancies are not criminal, does that mean that brown's off the hook? >> reporter: not necessarily. the board of elects and ethics can hold a hearing in the future and if it accepts the auditor's version, they can impose a civil fine and you're right, the criminal probe is a big thing and that is worse than some finds. the city could get two bites of this. >> lots going on there. thank you, john. in virginia, police are investigating a business accused of selling k-2 spice. investigators served a search warrant at the arapaca tobacco shop and that they ceased 1700 packets of the synthetic marijuana and other drug partner o. march 23rd of this year, it was illegal to
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possess, sell, or distribute synthetic pot in virginia. >> here at fall's church, we have had some leave doses, possible overdoses of adults and juveniles that have -- overdoses of juveniles and adults inhaling the substance. it's very dangerous. for public safety and health, the reason we did the search warrant because we knew the tobacco shop was selling the substance and the shop is in close proximity to a high school. >> and the investigation continues. casey anthony will be released from jail next wednesday. the florida mom was acquitted of killing her daughter caylee but convicted of lying to investigators. here's more on what happened at the sentencing today. >> reporter: as crowds gathered outside of the courtroom, extra security surrounded the orange county courthouse, the anticipation building to watch casey anthony be sentenced on four counts of lying to police
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after being acquitted of her daughter's murder. inside, the defense argued the four counts constitute a violation of double jeopardy rules. >> this test roars the court to look to whether it was a separation of time, place, or circumstances between the crimes because the factors are objective criteria utilized to determine whether there are distinct and independent criminal acts or whether there is one continuous criminal act with a single criminal intent. >> reporter: the judge, though, didn't buy it. >> just as the jury spoke loud and clear on counts one, two, and three by their verdict, they also spoke loud and clear as to the remaining counts. >> reporter: judge perry sentencing casey anthony to the maximum one year for each count of lying to law enforcement. but giving her credit for the nearly three years she's already served in jail. >> imposing a $1,000 fine on
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each count, all four cutes to run consecutive to -- counts to run consecutive to each other. >> reporter: casey anthony won't go free today, returning instead to jail. her parents, who haven't spoken to her since she was acquitted of murder, returned to a home surrounded by increased security after getting death threats. >> this case destroyed their lives, so they need to, as you can imagine just starting out, they have to start aught all over again and figure out where they're going to go. >> reporter: casey anthony goes free on wednesday, july 13th, paying $4,600 in court costs. in orlando, yesca stone, fox news. jessica stone, fox news. the days are running out before the united states hits a debt ceiling, 14.3 dos and is un-- $13.3 trillion is possibly unable to pay the bills. the parties met face-to-face to hammer out a deal. while there is no breakthrough, there is no breakdown. tom fitzgeral is following this one and we learned of what
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could be a major concession on the part of the white house. >> reporter: things got interesting today, melanie. the first time the administration is willing to put social security cuts on the bargaining table. at the same time, any cuts to social security would hinge on something important from the republicans and that would be agreeing for tax breaks for the wealthy and some corporations. the deal is the united states is going to reach the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling on august 2nd. and if it's not raised, the government can not ole default on the loans but be unable to pay the bills. both sides have been stall on the negotiations for plans to cut $2 trillion in budget savings the next 10 years and the new deal that is reportedly being discussed would be up to $4 trillion. today, president obama would not say what was or not discussed and did say it was a productive meeting. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to, and
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the parties are still far a part on a wide realm of issues and again, i thought all the leaders here came in the spirit of compromise and a spirit of wanting to solve problems on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: this was the latest and not yet the last of the meetings. a plan moving from here on out is that the white house and congressional staffers are going to be talking to each other over the next couple of weeks. the main payers, the eight lead -- main players, the eight leaders will be back on sunday at the white house. >> thank you. >> and fox 5 monitoring metro tonight. coming up next, tackling escalator troubles. a new plan in place to spot signs of trouble sooner want. and a new series of rail cars are closer to rolling out. we'll have a look for you and can this be the key to curbing
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brac's traffic trouble? that is coming up next. gary. and thanks, laura. we have some showers and thunderstorms out there and most of the activity is north of the district. you can see here on radar. it's all kind of lining up along the frontal system to the north. will the thunderstorms make it to us or will more be forming this evening? we'll look at that coming up. and we know you'll cop us informed, gary. thank you so much. we'll keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> metro is letting us in on the vision of the future. the transit agency laid out plans for the often unreliable escalator system and is outlining now bus service needed as the military shifts thousands of jobs and for the first time, metro is unveiling the new 7,000 series rail cars. sherri ly is here and ms. more on metro's plan for maintenance. >> reporter: metro's goal is to complete 85% of the preventive maintenance on time for escalators. right now, it's at 60%. the transit agency has hired more escalator mechanics, but the reality is that they have a long way to catch up. it's in the process of replacing the aging escalators. and on monday, the first of the escalators will open at foggy bottom. metro started a pilot program at nine stations where it can monitor elevator and escalator outages realtime, which will allow them to respond to break
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dopplers more quickly and light look around the traffic situation. it's going to be a nightmare around fort belvoir and the marc center. how is metro going to alleviate the congestion? >> metro announced a plan to provide additional bus service to the marc center and fort belvoir, which should help and even metro admits it's not going to solve the traffic problem. the move happens in september so metro has two months to get this done. normally it takes six months to establish new bus routes and that is going to be a challenge. additional bus service will be provided from the franconia springfold station and huntington stations to fort belvoir. another bus route will serve the marc center. let's get to the new cars about to roll out. the silver line due to open in 2013 and you got a look at the new 7,000 series rail cars. tell us about that? >> the final design comes from
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writer input, and it tries to make the ride more comfortable and that is going to have a blue-gray interior which is supposed to have a more calming effect and alternatives are supposed to be wider and that is important when you're shorter. it will allow room for more passengers as added security,ef rail car will have security cameras. we have given the problems and the controversy over crime on metro, that is going to be something metro expects to be a deterrent against crime. >> very interesting, thank you for the update. and we want to invite you as always to help us monitor metro. if you see something you would like to report, send it to us at the scandal -- news of the world, britain's best-selling newspaper is shutting down. this week, accusations is faced
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the paper hacked into the cell phone of a 13-year-old murder victim and police are investigating whether they hacked into the phones of 4,000 people, including victims at the london train and bus bombing. 200 employees the lose their jobs on sunday and james murdoch, an executive with the company all say allegations -- which are true. news corp is the parent company of fox 5. a behind closed meeting for tarps on both sides of the dominique strauss-kahn case. the former imf chief is accused of -- the hotel in new york. today's meeting is raising questions whether charges could be dropped against him. the prosecutors have admitted they have doubts about the maid's story because she lied about the tests surrounding the attack and unrelated issues. the attorneys are not discussing what they talked about in today's meeting. >> a consumer alert about a scam making rounds on e-mail again. the phishing scam is back with motions. you need to be aware.
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the e-mail appears to be from the irs and said your tax payment was cancelled, meaning you still owe the government money for your taxes and shows a few bogus i.d. numbers and asks you to click on a link to download a form. that will download a virus that finds personal and financial account information in the computer and the best advice? delete the e-mail. apple is trying to fix a weakness in the software that leaves the gadgets vulnerable to hackers. the problem? they have a particular flaw that would allow you to download an infected pdf foil and gives access to the operating system on your device. apple takes security seriously and is developing a fix that will be available in a software update very soon. and when developing in montana tonight, the water is safe. that is the message from the the e.p.a. to residents downstream of the yellowstone river oil spill. 150 people showed up at a meeting last night with some
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questions about possible health risks and cleanup. it comes after an exxon-mobil pipeline broke spilling thousands of water gallons of water on friday. initial tests show the water and air are safe. another summer scorcher out there today. >> it was a hot one and we're glad to be inside in the air conditioning right now. >> yes. >> and gary mcgrady, also downstairs and looking at some trouble? >> thunderstorms to the north of us. you mentioned the hot. the index values were run into this upper 90s and have come document a little bit new -- down a little bit now. storms north of baltimore. you see the blue-and-red line? that is a stationary front and it pulled up stationary into southern sections of pennsylvania where most of the thunderstorm activity is and again, very strong thunderstorm activity, too, and we have had a history of this being severe and that is going to take
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awhile for that to move on down and once the front starts drifting in here later on this evening, we'll begin to see a little bit more in the way of showers and thunderstorms right around here and flash flood warning to the northwest and some strong thunderstorms and allegheny, hampshire, mineral and washington under a flash flood warning until 7:00 and two to three inches of rain. you can see the trend of the showers and storms, moving to the west and east through southern sections of pennsylvania and nowhere, extreme northern sections of maryland and at 7:00, all the storms should be to the north of us, 91 degrees and that is possible for a shower and thunderstorm in the evening hours and into that leave note as well. as the stationary front stays to the north of us, that is where the concentration of showers and thunderstorms will be and that is something we'll have to watch over the next few hours. more details in the full
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forecast and there is a lot of rain coming with that full forecast. >> all right, gary, thank you very much. and we're less than 24 hours now from nasa's 135th and final shuttle launch. >> the wicked weather could be cramping the plans. did lightning strike the launch pad in the latest from florida next. and students are headed to cape canaveral. how they scored a trip of a lifetime. 
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>> it was the final space shuttle launch planned for tomorrow. atlantis was checked for damage after lightning struck win one- third of a mile from the launching pad. there is no immediate sign of damage. the weather might be a problem for the launch, though. there is a possibility of more storms that could delay tomorrow's 11:26 a.m. scheduled liftoff and a million people are expected to watch the launch. 16 students from d.c. are
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in florida today. guests of nasa to watch the final launch. they represent several d.c. schools and all were involved in a science-and-engineering contest that nasa sponsored. every student was on the team and as smart as they are, they realize that they're getting a chance to watch history. >> it still hasn't hit me yet. when i was a home, was talking to my mom and she was like this is a great opportunity, not a lot of people get to do something like this. i was like yeah, that's true. >> the students and the four adults shaper opens left yesterday morning and plan to come home tomorrow for the launching and hope there are no delays for the atlantis. coming up next, a fox 5 undercover investigation. >> don't miss what we found at local taxi cabs. why they're refusing to take apartments 
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>> fox 5 once again going undercover to investigate taxi troubles. passengers unable to get a ride home because of where they live. tisha thompson is exposing the truth tonight in the fox 5 investigation. tisha. >> reporter: melanie, we got a call from a viewer telling us how hard it was for him to get a cab in 2009. our fox 5 investigation called taxi cabs in d.c. passing black men by to pick up white customers. this time, the problem isn't in d.c., it's about d.c. getting a cab is supposed to be easy. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: get in, give your address. >> brandywine street? >> reporter: and you're on your way. unless you're headed to a certain destination. >> sorry. [ indiscernible ] very sorry. i apologize. >> what reason have i given you to refuse service? >> reporter: on most days, otis
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curtis jr. takes a metro home. when he's running late sometimes he will spring for a cab. >> as soon as i get in the cab and they start to pull off, then they ask me where are you go something where am i taking you today, sir. i say southeast washington and then the problems begin. >> reporter: otis said drivers here have denied him a ride to southeast almost a half dozen times in the last two months. he contacted fox 5 after one, even called the cops on him. the officer came over and pretty much said that he was not going to deal with this all night. and that he like for me to take a walk and to find another cab. >> reporter: fox 5 decided to put alexandra's cab drivers to the test. using our photographer steve and our intern julian. the first to get into a cab. >> can you take me to southeast? >> reporter: the first driver is quick to put the address
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into the gps. >> brandywine street? >> reporter: and doesn't hesitate to give julian a ride. but others -- . >> bend wine. >> brandywine. >> reporter: tell julian they can't find the address. [ indiscernible ] i'm so sorry. >> reporter: from the very beginning, steve gets denied. >> can you take me to southeast? huh? >> southeast. where in southeast? >> no, no. -- [ indiscernible ] >> yes. >> no, i'm not going. >> did you just refuse that ride to that passenger? which one? the man that got out of the cab, the black man? >> no, i didn't. >> there was a man that got in the cab and he got out of the cab? >> because i have to pick up my daughter from school. i am not able to make it at 6:00 because i am -- he wants me to go to d.c. >> i have gotten that often. there is something wrong with my car, which i have -- and i heard that. i don't know where that is and
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ask have someone else take you. excuses are just excuses judge and he's the executive director of the equal rights center, a local non-profit testing taxi cabs for discrimination. and you no longer hear someone saying i won't give you service because you're african-american but there are several barriers or treatment thrown up instead and that is a problem. >> reporter: if&fox 5 discovered when the sun goes down -- . >> i'm sorry sorry -- very sorry. >> reporter: the excuses -- . >> it's not you. >> turn into quick refusals. >> go! >> and it's rough over there? >> what about ana cost. >> ya? -- anacostia? steve gets out. the driver takes off and he tries the next cab. >> to be honest with you --
5:33 pm
>> okay. >> do you know the anacostia met rotation? i don't take someone. >> reporter: he trees the third cab in loan who finally gives him a ride. >> if they don't feel safe, we understand and we going give the driver a benefit of the doubt. but to say i don't like that location is not enough. >> reporter: he's alexandrea's deputy city attorney and and in charge of investigating complaints against cab companies and said the city code is explicit. no driver of a taxi cab shall refuse or neglect to convey any orderly person. >> it's not an easy way to make a living. you want to be fair to then, but at the same time, you can't discriminate and you have to serve the public or you shouldn't be in this line of work. >> reporter: he suspended a taxi driver last year for refusing to pick up a woman in
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a wheelchair. the city received four refusals to carry complaints in the last two years. >> they tend to be dramatically underreported. they may not trust the government, they may be embarrassed and think that they have done something wrong. >> reporter: all feelings he grappled with before calling fox 5. >> we have to do something to make a change. it takes one person and i am sure i am just one of many who have gone through this type of thing. i apologize and in all, four of the seven cabs refused us service. since you can't rely on the complaints, cities like alexandrea should conduct sting operations to combat this kind of discrimination. >> and i am curious if he told you it's based on his skin color or that it's in southeast? the location.
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>> he thinks it's both and he has an all. location is a form of discrimination against race. we did notice that when people got out of the cabs from our tests, people who then got in who had nothing to do with our tests were african-american and they were taken to their locations and that is because they were in alexandra. we had a lot of people e-mail us today and who have said it doesn't matter if you're white or black, it's hard to get a cab when you go to certain likes. not just southeast but sections of northwest they have found is difficult. >> and some will say it's not because they feel it's unsafe, but the cab doesn't think it's getting a fare coming back. >> if you heard, there are a lot of excuses out there. >> right. >> and the argument that a lot of folks in southeast will make and the equal rights center will make and what we found is
5:36 pm
that is that itgating there is a trouble. certain neighborhoods have reputations, whether that is fare or not, they have to take you to the location and that is thing this to remember if anyone gets refuseed to ride, you need to report it to the government and let them know about it. >> thank you. >> and this story started with a tip. log on to and click on news tips on the right- hand side of the home page. coming up next at 5, taking you inside the annual event that draws crowds from all over the world. don't mess this year's running of the buts from the safety of your couch. still ahead. 
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>> lyme disease is not the only reason to be extra careful about ticks this summer. the biosis, like lyme disease
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is transmitted by deer ticks and attacks bled kills and causes flu leak symptoms. about 1,000 cases are reported every year and a new study shows americans are getting fatter. obesity rates climbed in 16 states and not one single state reported a decline and some states doubled their rates. with the exception of michigan, the 10 most obese states are in the south with mississippi coming in first. the leapest? colorado followed by the district of columbia. >> and that is good news for d.c. >> exactly. no debating it, summer is here. >> how will the weekend shape up? the forecast is next. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at
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it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> if disney world is in your
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summer vacation plans, prepare for sticker shock on the tickets. the parents have to pay dearly to give kids a magical experience. there are ways to save money. here's more on the strategies for saving on's visit to disney. -- on a visit to disney. >> reporter: dancing, smiling, giggling -- making memories. and going to get on them. >> reporter: her dream came through with each and every spin. >> that is what show talks about all the time, disney, disney, disney. it's my fast place. >> why? i get to see mickey and the princesses and it's fun. >> let the memories begin. >> reporter: disney surely serves up a memorable day for thousands of little ones, an equally unforgettable day for the family budget. >> we have four kids and it will be expensive no matter what. >> reporter: exactly how much for the williams' family vacation? we're staying here for three days. we'll probably spend $2,500 or
5:45 pm
3,000. so they save all year, so do the watsons. >> wasn't too bad when you plan for it. >> reporter: and others enjoy it thanks to uncle sam. >> takes. >> tax refund in. >> yes. >> reporter: expensive all around. the new unofficial guide to disney features a day at the magic kingdom costs a family of four close to $600. today's average worker makes $10.99 a hour and we're hunting for savings. right now, a single visit, single ticket is $87. and they visit several disney haunts and buy tickets individually. it's smarter to bundle them. when you do, each visit works out to as little as $30. >> the longer you stay and the more you play, the less that per-day cost gets. >> reporter: even if you're visiting mickey one day, look for auto clubs, military and group discounts and in vance.
5:46 pm
recently, aa iran specials, including free food for the kids. check out my receipt from lunch. i got a 10% coupon off for the gift shop. >> and -- . >> on ears alone, a surprise coupon puts a dollar back in mommy's pocket. they're only good one time. buy souvenirs at once and maximize that discount. food will bite you. if you know you're going to eat at disney, consider the dining plans. when visitors prepay meals, they save as much as 30%. >> i did a meal plan. >> reporter: better yet, pink pennies packing your own snacks. disney allows it. >> and to save in there? at least $70 between drinks and just popcorn and ice cream. >> absolutely. >> reporter: another cost- cutting strategy is where you stay. if you can book a disney hotel for the same price as another, you avoid this and the $49-per-
5:47 pm
parked parking fee why? disney hotel guests are driven from park-to-park. >> and i work tonight. >> and have to go you also get extra hours with mickey. not saying money but valuable time. >> the kids love it. >> yeah. >> and everything is nice and clean and it's worth it. >> reporter: despite the high costs, parents say that is what this is about. >> memories for a lifetime. >> reporter: she has a message. >> thank you, mommy. >> magic, priceless. >> okay, i'm tired look at this. . that [ laughter ] and it's definitely exhausting. but -- . >> yeah. >> worth it and -- for the kids. >> if you save extra, they give you the park without the humidity zoo.
5:48 pm
really? i have heard that on some chatrooms out there. i tried to -- . >> and that'll kick you out. >> i will do that for and you that is probably going to be september, october it's hazy out there and some storms are firing up. listen, this is what is going on. there is a stalled-out frontal boundary to the north of us and that is not strong or cool and when they're not cool or have dry air, they have a hard time perking into a hot, steamiary mass and that is in southern pennsylvania. you see this in-by-owe 95 and there is some more activity out of western maryland and west virginia and right now, we're seeing the firing up to the southwest of hagerstown and on to 70. we'll zoom this down and show you what is going on here and
5:49 pm
this is frederick. this popped up in frederick county the last 30 minutes or so and that is headed to hagers county. looks like if we show you the forecast at 7:00, all of the storms will be to the north of the metro and some temperatures steamy, 91 degrees and feel like 94 and 95. by 9, 11:00, i'm not expecting a lot of thunderstorms and showers, but i think there is going to be some out there and this boundary is drifting to the south the next few hours. as the boundary gets closer us to, within the next three to four hours, there is still that chance that we can have a shower or a thunderstorm riding long the boundary and some heavy rain, too with some flash flood warnings to the northwest. the temperature, 94 degrees. frederick is cooler with the clouds there and that is shower out of there, 84 and martinsburg, clouds around
5:50 pm
there and that is 87 degrees. when you factor in the humidity, this is what it feels like, 96 in up to and we were feeling like 98, 99 this afternoon. believe it or not, we have mixed down some slightly drier air out of the higher levels of the atmosphere and that brought down the humidity levels slightly. okay, and i want to show you something back here. you see the cluster of thunderstorms coming into missouri, illinois here? and this is that squashance and will be on top of us by tomorrow and it were, we stand a better chance of more coverage of showers and thunderstorms. flash flood watch, believe it or not, has been posted for tomorrow and into tomorrow night and there is that boundary, cooler and drier to the north, hot and sticky to the south and long that boundary, that is the focus for all of the showers and thunderstorms this evening and this is that future cast and
5:51 pm
there can be a pop-up shower here and there and this blossoms for us and that is looking like a lot of rain tomorrow evening and this is friday note at 10:00 and i will tell you, the models are having a hard tom figuring the heaviest of the rain where it's going to be. a few showers tomorrow morning and muggy, mild, 78 and mostly cloudy, 84. the shower possible at noon and showers and thunderstorms, i think, for just about everybody and some might be severe, to and you can see that lingering shower saturday morning, drier on sunday and heat up into monday and tuesday. here's your forecast. >> thank you, gary. the nationals hoping to have a late edition not national league all-star roster. dave feldman is here with that story. good afternoon, laura. the nats have been playing well and won 15 of the last 18 at home. two gapes above 500 they're one win away from sweeping the cubs. michael morris has been a big part of the success.
5:52 pm
lindsay murphy joins us from the park with more on a man who could be named an all-star today. m runs ph. -- murph. >> reporter: i would love love to tell you if mike morris is an all-star, but i don't know. the al and nl all-star teams. the voting had to be in by 4 and don't have results leaked to the media. even though mike morris may not be an all-star, he's playing like one and probably deserves the honor and let's go over the numbers quickly. 301 deck, the batting average. 15 home runs, 46 rbis and last night, scored what proved to be the game-winning run on the suicide squeeze and that is if the team was voting, he would be on the way to the mid-summer classic. >> reporter: ing mike has proven what he can do and important that he figure that out. you know, we value it and appreciate him. >> and to play first base and comes in here and has been
5:53 pm
hitting, you know. i hope and, you know, i have my fingers crossed. i voted for him. >> means a lot to him and to anyone. i know mike's looking forward to it and we hope he gets the nod. >> and mike morris and him are filling for adam laroche at 1st base, a huge boost for the nationals, sitting at two games over $500. a huge improvement. this time last year, their record a whopping 38 and 47. so, a long way they have come the past year. >> and with the tomorrow oil of a mid-season managerial change. >> didn't phase him. >> we'll check in at 6:00. and tonight, the nats will go for the four-game sweep of the cubs, the first four-game sweep of the season. mel. >> thanks, feldy. coming up at 6, the debt ceiling debate kicks into high gear on the hill. and metro weighs in on the plan to build an underground station. also ahead, the police release information about the gunman who brought traffic on the bw parkway to a standstill
5:54 pm
and that kidnapping victim, elizabeth smart, gets a job. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
5:55 pm
they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds.
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we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
5:57 pm
>> while we're struggling with heat and how many, people in chile are dealing with a lot of snow. three feet of snow fell on the desert, usually one of the dryest places on earth. the most snow they have seen there in 20 years and yesterday, temperatures fell to 16 degrees in santiago. in spain, plenty of chills but not if the with the weather. thousands of thrillseekers sprinting through the streets of pamplona for the resulting of the bulls today and this is the first day of the weeklong festival that first gained attention in no one 26.
5:58 pm
>> thank you for joining us at 52. the news edge at 6 with melanie alnwick starts right now. do you hear that? the clock is ticking on capitol hill. if congress doesn't reach a deal soon to raise the nation's debt ceiling, the government could find itself unable to pay itself bills. at the white house today, major players for both sides of the political aisle met face-to- face to hammer out a deal. even though there is not a breakthrough, there hasn't been a breakdown. tom fitzgerald is live in the newsroom with the top story. we learned of what might be a hanger concession. in the white house. >> reporter: that is the story this a. the spokesperson would not go into details of what was or not on the table in the cabinet room today, but we know this: the administration is said to be ready to deal on what is being called the third rail of american politics, social security is -- and any
5:59 pm
talks -- with the equivalent and stepping on an electrified subway track. with time running out until the government hits the debt ceiling, president obama is did little to raise the roof that a deal would be done soon. >> people were frank. we discussed the various options available to us. >> reporter: for the first time the administration is reportedly putting social security cuts on the bargaining table. and that it would temperature on republicans agreeing to end tax breaks for the wealthy and some corporations. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. the pares are still far a part on a wide rage of issues. -- range of issues. again, i thought all the leaders here came in the spirit of compromise. >> reporter: the u.s. will reach its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling on august 2

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